Amazing Insanity and CHAlean Extreme Transformation

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Like me on FB Seriously, if you really want to make a major change in your life, and you want it to stick, take the Beach…


dayna says:

wow thank you, I really hope I can get the motivation to get off my butt and do it too :( I am only 148 but I love food soooo much and I just feel so lazy all the time :( I really want to do this, I did insanity for like 4 days and quit because I could never get through the first 15 min or so of it.

dayna says:

beautiful :) I just had a baby so of course it made me cry lol

TrueRay17 says:

Saw you on MFP. Great work I am proud of you.

Anita Miron says:

thanks True ray!

romall smith says:

It starts with a simple choice and you change not only your life but the lives of so many other people in the process. well done!

Anita Miron says:

thanks Romall! It was a choice. That is all it took. I just decided to take control.

Anita Miron says:

I did Insanity, and CHAlean Extreme. I ate clean. I never cut calories. I am private messaging you.

optionalsource says:

Hi I just followed your link from MFP. Congratulations, you truly are an inspiration to me!! My son just turned 3 and up until this month I was constantly fighting the “I don’t have the time” issue. Seeing you work out with your baby right there shows me I DO have the time. I have no excuses. You have done an awesome job!

K Humphrey says:

Amazing transformation! Wow! Inspiring message!! You go girl!!

iXwillXrememberXthis says:

Your inspiring! I needed that, thank you! :D

Anita Miron says:

are you doing a BB program?

Anita Miron says:

Thank you!!! Are you doing a BB program?

Anita Miron says:

I eat clean every day! I am not perfect. Some days I fall off the wagon, but I always get back on. I dont cut calories. Chalean Extreme, Turbo Fire, and Insanity are my programs. Body Beast is being integrated in as well.

dsendre says:

Great video and very inspiring! Congrats on your new outlook on life! Keep it up!

Anita Miron says:

I followed the clean eating program. I did not cut calories, I ate whenever I was hungry. I just ate CLEAN. I also aloud myself 1 cheat meal a week. The workouts were an average of 30-45 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

2fabfromfat says:

Great video and amazing transformation!!! I am in love with Chalene and turbofire!! Love beachbody as well it completely changed my life! I make videos as well feel free to subscribe :):)

Brittany Narcisse says:

OMG u look great, I’m doing Insanity and hope to get that size

heyitsadam says:

Tell me you got your t-shirt!! :)

kayleiighkc says:

I am basically you halfway through your story you are so insporational i just almost cryed at your vidio you are a legend :) keep up the good work :D

Taylor Draper says:

girl this is awesome! It makes me so happy to see this and it also encourages me. Insanity should be arriving in the mail here in a few days and i’m super excited to get started. For the past month and a half I’ve been having my own life transformation with trying to eat healthier, better portion control, and a lot of exercise and some weight lifting. Do you have any advice for me? I definitely want maximum results but Shakeology is extremely expensive. I’ve been using two scoops of whey

Taylor Draper says:

protein post work-out. After looking at the reviews and hearing that body fortress (the brand of powder) was good, even if it is cheap compared to other protein powders, I bought it. I have also heard a lot about this Rasberry Keytone and have thought about buying it and taking it while I do my insanity challenge. What do you think?

SpartanMaker says:


EffieJane1 says:

Great GREAT work!!! Looking forward to seeing more!

Jennifer Lugo says:

This is probably the most inspiring video I’ve ever seen

Anita Miron says:

Kayleighkc thanks so much for your feedback. Please like me on facebook so that we may connect more. I share my journey, fit tips, and motivation daily!

Anita Miron says:

I did not this time. I am going on my second round and then I will submit my results.

Anita Miron says:

Brittany! Like me on facebook so that we can connect! I am on round two and would love the support to!

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Anita Miron says:

Jennifer! Find me on facebook will ya. Fb/fitwithanita. Add me. I would love to support you through your journey!

Mitzi73 says:

Great video! Your baby is adorable.

alx7123 says:

very inspiring good job, amazing results. Cheers from Puerto Rico keep it up :)

Mariell Moreno says:

AMAZING VIDEO!!! VERY INSIPIRING!!! You almost made me cry…

Anita Miron says:

Hey thank you!! Will you add me on facebook so that we can connect more! Id love to chat about what you are doing for fitness fb/fitwithanita. I share tons of tips, recipes and more!

Yo Deea says:

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Kristie Hazlett says:

You rock!

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