Plus Size Insanity Modify Progress Before and After

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Plus size woman on the journey to fit while modifying Insanity and Shakeology results as well as before and after photos. I can coa…


ShadHell says:

You inspire me I am 24 and 250 lbs. I just starts P90X today and hope to
stay on it til the end. I started it before then stopped after I got sick
and never picked it up again until now. When I need motivation I will
defiantly watch your videos keep up the wonderful work.

RiaUsagi says:

You are a beast!!!! I was like you go girl. :D

Mariah Busby says:

Im 13 And prettttyyy Big for my age, Do you think My body can take The
tasks Insanity Gives? I don’t want my heart to give out or something haha!

FashionHopeful1 says:

You’re awesome!

Ritesh Maharjan says:

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Melissa Jandura says:

I’m inspired ! Get it girl!! U can do it!

CoachTulin says:

Thank you so much!!!

acidiskllr1997 says:

Good luck and dont give up !!!

CoachTulin says:

Thank you so much! Are you doing Insanity?

CoachTulin says:


JessicaGAyala says:

where there’s a will, there’s a way :D proud of u!!

Kimberley Jansen says:

Really motivating to see you do this and showing some modifications you can
make if the move proves too difficult. I only just started today with the
fit test and i loved it. did have to make a few modifications but im sure
over time it will be less difficult and i can master it! im so excited i
wish it was tomorrow so i can start day 2! after losing 50 pounds on my
own, changing my diet and doing exercises i really felt like i had to take
insanity on to make sure i get fitter not just slimmer.

Saan chips says:

Wooow nicee u lost soo much weight keep it up

liz trevoc says:

awww! I don’t know why but I wanted to cry. Maybe because I am also heavy
struggling to lose weight. She was trying so hard. Keep up the great work.
I know you can do it!

HealthyWitness says:

Keep it up! You’re Photographer is getting into it! ;) So are we – Great
work! and it is work! You rock! – jackie

damademuerta says:

Thank you! I was feeling down on myself because I have to modify!

msucaligurl says:

I started Insanity 6 days ago, watching your video truly inspired me to
push myself through this 60 day workout challenge and BEYOND! Thank you for


omg ur doing great and i can tell thanks for wearing the same outfit keep
it up your doing great you are very brave to start with the insanity first
im doing the 30 shred with jillian then i will do insanity just want to
condition by body first

CoachTulin says:

Thank you!

Aaron Schell says:

Get it baby, I’m rooting for you. Ps those hooks you throwing are mean

Nerkerle Dernise says:


Tania T says:

Fantastic!! You go girl;PPP

toniya styles says:

@mariah I am 14 and I started Insanity you can do it it is sso hard but you
will feel great I do you can contact me@ 317-629-1403 for guidence and help

William Faauiga says:

Good on you girl. Keep it up. Im looking for some inspirational vids to
help me stay positive. This vid helps because I’m already having doubts and
Ive just started insanity today and im 143.00 kgs but seeing this vid has
got me keen. Sux but fanx for the vid. Its so hard to loose weight but if
we support eachother it may come easier. Cheers.

CoachTulin says:

Lolo, like Mariposa said, it does take a lot of resting then challenging
yourself. I felt that way too until I got my nutrition in order. Please
email me at and let’s figure it out together!

Mas Wan says:

Oh baby, I love U the way U are, baby.. Coz i’m a Big Mama lover..

CoachTulin says:

How are you doing so far? Thank YOU so much for your sweet comment!

chamriwallace says:

I need sum motivation

lolo uitahi says:

i just started insanity..,,, and i feel soo weak,,, like i try my best but
i seem to stop a lot,, im soo weak … idk if thats normal or yeah im
really determined im not a very active person soo yeah i tend to rest alot
,, its only my 2nd day. T^T

83prettyblack says:

you go girl, looking good

kiki dee says:

thats exactly what im doing now! but i have to say ive never felt his good
after a workout as i do with insanity!

CoachTulin says:

Thank you so much!

Emmy Campbell says:

I love the encouragement in the background! I just shared this on my
facebook and my pages! Keep up the great work.

CoachTulin says:

Email me at… I forgot to add this to my previous reply
to you.

kristyne84 says:

Ur welcome! I just bought insanity so it should be here soon! Im also a
plus sized woman so im hoping i will modify it enough to keep me going. I
get discouraged when i cant do some moves. Wish me luck!!

CoachTulin says:

Thank you Jessica! I really appreciate it! Thank you for taking a moment to
let me know, that is a true gift! Thank you again!

Amber Petchonka says:

awesome video, i have insanity, n am also a plus size woman. i was able to
do a week straight but now i just get so sore i do a work out n then a day
or two break inbetween, for some reason i didnt even think about modifying
workouts that i am not able to do as much as shaun t… thanks for the
video!! :) and ur doing great!

Rijad GEKIĆ says:

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Exyph Fat Loss. That might help you get the body you deserve.

Daniel says:

You go girl!!! On my journey myself. Keep it up push play and continue to
be an inspiration

CoachTulin says:

Thank you!!

anujackrishna says:

I am starting insanity today…..Its really demotivating when I am not able
to push myself as hard….

jaydenlewallen says:

I heard its hard?..well im 14 and im getting tomorrow!! And I’m exicted!!:)

CoachTulin says:

You are soooo welcome! Contact your coach and find out about their
challenge group. I have a group going and they are mostly plus size women
getting fantastic results! If you don’t have a coach, let me know, I can
put you in mine!

QueenStylin says:

Quick question: Don’t your feet hurt since you are not wearing running or
cross-training shoes? Just curious.

holly C says:


BulgarianShadow . says:

If you seriously want to burn off fat quickly, you should look up on google
“Reborn Lean Max”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

Yaya says:

Thank you so much!!!! all i can say is you my hero!!!!

Brittany German says:

Very good, Im proud of you and dont even know you… its hard werrrkkkk!!!

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